Travel insurance

We were having a dinner on holidays in Greece when a fish bone stucked in my daughter's throat. Everything went well with the assistance service - since the first contact when the coordinator sent a very competent doctor straight to our hotel room even if it was very late in the evening, till arranging a FREE transport to ENT doctor's office the next day. My daughter has been drinking a lot of water according to the first doctor's instructions therefore the ENT doctor just observed a scratched throat :-). I know that it is not a coincidence that the services of Evropská are just perfect because I had to visit the doctor myself at our last year's holidays when my leg got swollen after a fall. And the satisfaction was the same. On one hand, one would rather avoid such a "joyful moments" on holidays but on the other hand, I don't worry at all when we have ERV insurance.

Martina U.
daughter's outpatient treatment on Crete


I was hospitalized with pulmonary embolism during holidays on Lanzarote. My chest suddenly started to hurt and I struggled to breath. Fortunately, after a prompt advice from the assistance service I got admitted to a proven hospital where I finally stayed for 5 days. Everything worked out well but the local doctors did not recommend me to travel by airplane so I had to stay on the island for another 3 weeks. My wife was by my side all the time and the insurance covered all the bills for hotel and flight ticket. We are so grateful for the services and perfect care that you arranged. Many thanks!

Pavel D.
hospitalized with pulmonary embolism on the Canary Islands


On our way to Vietnam, we had 2 connecting flights and our backpacks were lost. 2 days later, they eventually reached the right destination. In the meantime, we had to buy the essentials to survive the time without our own stuff.  When we finally hit the road, we got soaked to the skin and got cold. The very next day, I began to feel sore throat and fever. The assistance coordinator on the phone recommended me to visit the hospital and helped me to arrange everything. It turned out to be tonsilitis and I got antibiotics. We had to change plans again and stay at Hoi An for a bit longer. I got much better in a few days so we could continue the trip. It was the first time we had to deal with such issues while travelling. The insurance covered the expenses for purchase of the essentials, for treatment in the hospital as well as for medication. Back in the Czech Republic, we were refunded in a few days. Everything was easy.

Jitka N.
delayed luggage and tonsilitis treatment in Vietnam


Me and my friends made a short break in Berlin where we rented bikes. We were cycling along the main road but there was a car going from the side road whose driver did not manage to stop. I ended up in the hospital with concussion and broken leg. It could have been worse. My friends called the assistance that directed us to a clinic where I did not have to pay anything for the treatment and arranged a transfer to Prague a few days later. If I wasn't insured, the trip could be really expensive. Next year I'm going to Erasmus and now I know anything can happen. When going abroad, always insured with you. Thank you once again!

Barbora B.
hospitalized after an accident in Germany


I had a severe accident when skiing in Alps. I suffered a concussion, broke my collarbone and tore my kidney after a downfall on the ski slope. I was transported by the helicopter to the nearest hospital where they performed all necessary examinations. The kidney had to be operated immediately so the assistance service arranged a flight transfer to a private clinic where I rested for 10 days. My wife returned to Czech Republic to spend the Christmas with our kids and then came back to Austria to support me. The insurance covered all the costs for transport. I was in touch with the assistance coordinators throughout the hospitalization, they did a really good job. Thanks to them, I had the best possible care. You can't see the difference until something happens to you. Thank you!

Filip S.
multiple injuries caused by an accident on the ski slope in Austria

Trip cancellation insurance

We planned a weeklong family holiday on Mallorca. 3 days prior to the departure, my son got severe abdominal pain. We went to the hospital where the doctors confirmed accute appendicitis and he immediately had to go to a surgery. Fortunately, we had a trip cancellation insurance so we got back a large part of the price of the tour and we plan to go there later. The important thing is that my son is all right. The cancellation of the tour was easy, the money were transfered sooner than we unpacked our suitcases. We did not expect such a fast claim settlement and once again, thank you.

Edita S.
son's hospitalization before holidays in Spain