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Don't worry about anything, enjoy cycling

Did you buy a great bicycle and now you worry that it could be stolen or damaged? Are you afraid to leave it in car, locked outside unattended or overnight in the basement of your house? You are at the right place. Our bicycle insurance is recommended by Josef Dressler, double world champion in biketrial, and Jiří Ježek, paralympic winner and world champion in cycling.

What does the insurance cover?

  • theft from building or open space
  • theft from car or bike rack
  • robbery

  • accidental damage or destruction
  • damage or destruction during transport
  • vandalism

You have a bicycle insurance but what if anything happens to you?

Don't forget to arrange a travel insurance if you go abroad. Anything can happen on sport holidays. If you travel more frequently, annual travel insurance will pay off.


How to arrange the insurance?
Do you insure older bicycles?
What is the maximum price of the bicycle that can be insured?
What are the exclusions?
What to do when you had an insured event?

Insurance DetailsWe offer the most extensive insurance of bicycles and electric bicycles. We will cover any unplanned expenses for new bicycle in case of an insured event in the Czech Republic or abroad. We settle the claims within 7 working days, you just have to fill in the on-line form. Disregard the age of your bicycle, we will give you a voucher for new one.

What does the insurance cover

  • theft from building or open space
  • theft from car or bike rack
  • robbery
  • accidental damage or destruction
  • damage or destruction during transport
  • vandalism

What is not covered by the insurance

  • theft from car or bike rack from 10 PM to 6 AM
  • theft from open space from 10 PM to 6 AM
  • damages to the accessories (speedometer, light, carrier)
  • damages covered by warranty


The insurance benefit is always deducted by 10 % of the price of the bicycle (at least CZK 1 000). If the bicycle was damaged or destroyed in accident, the deductible is 20 %.

Older bicycles

You can insure your bicycle whenever after its purchase. However, when you are arranging the insurance, the bicycle must not be older than 2 years. You can get it insured at the partner shops where they will check the bicycle, review its invoice and issue the contract.

Discounts offered

Anyone with a Datatag will get 5 % discount on the bicycle insurance!

Datatag system includes both visible and hidden identification marks that serves as unique identifiers of the bicycle. It is registered in an international database that the police have access to. The combination of insurance and security tags offers maximum anti-theft protection.

The discount applies to insurance concluded after 1. 1. 2015 including older bicycles with Datatag.

Insurance Coverage
Maximum sum insured (proce of the bicycle)CZK 100 000
Maximum benefit in the event of theft from the open spaceCZK 50 000
Deductible on all insured events10% (min. CZK 1 000)
Deductible in the event of damage or destruction during an accident20% (min. CZK 1 000)
Area of coverworldwide, Czech Republic included


Sum insured in CZK(price of the bicycle)Premium for 1 yearPremium for 2 years
up to 10 000CZK 690CZK 990
up to 15 000CZK 990CZK 1 590
up to 20 000CZK 1 390CZK 2 190
up to 25 000CZK 1 790CZK 2 890
up to 35 000CZK 2 390CZK 3 790
up to 50 000CZK 2 990CZK 4 790
up to 75 000CZK 4 390CZK 6 990
up to 100 000CZK 6 190CZK 9 790

If you wish to insure more expensive bicycle, please contact your bike shop to find out more. 

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