HotelStorno insurance

For unexpected situations when you have to cancel your holidays in the Czech Republic
from 4 % of price for the accommodation
for holidays in the Czech Republic
perfect for families with children
unrivaled speed of claim settlement

Holiday cancellation insurance

We usually book accommodation for our holidays well ahead of time. However, many unexpected events may occur in the period between the booking and the actual stay or during the holidays itself.

Thanks to the insurance, we will:

  • refund you the cancellation fees
  • cover the damages of the accommodation facility

  • provide a financial compensation for the days that you couldn't spend the way you planned on your holidays

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What to do when you have to cancel your trip/in case you damaged anything?
When can I take advantage of the HotelStorno insurance?
How to arrange the insurance?
What is the difference between HotelStorno insurance and regular trip cancellation insurance?
What is a deductible?

Insurance DetailsHotelStorno insurance is intended to cover cases in which you are compelled to suddenly cancel your booking, if you damage the amenities of the hotel or you won't be able to enjoy your holidays till the end.

The insurance can be concluded exclusively via our partner accommodation facilities or booking systems.

What does the insurance cover

Cancellation of your stay

  • serious acute illness or injury (also of a co-traveller or closest relative) or COVID-19 ilness (also of a co-traveller)
  • health complications due to pregnancy up to 2 months before expected delivery (also for your closest relatives)
  • loss of employment for which you are not liable for reason of organisational changes or demise of your (also your co-traveller’s) employer
  • divorce proceedings initiated after taking out insurance
  • remedial examinations, if the unsuccessful event occurs after taking out the insurance
  • extensive damage to your home caused by a fire, floods, crime, etc. just before departure

Personal liablity for damages of the hotel's property

  • in case you damage the amenities of the accommodation facility

Unused holidays

  • in case you won't be able to enjoy your holidays the way you planned

How much does the insurance cost

You will pay only 4 – 6 % of the total price of accommodation depending on the product variant.


We will refund 80% of the cancellation fees that you will be compelled to pay to the accommodation facility. This means that the deductible will be 20% of each insured event. In case of hospitalisation, the deductible is only 10%.

How to make a claim

You can easily report your claim online using our claim report web application. Choose the damage type Trip cancellation, Personal liability for injury or property damage or Other insured event (in case of unused holidays). More information can be found on How to make a claim webpage.

Insurance Coverage(limits in CZK)BasicStandardOptimal
Trip cancellation (up to the total price of the accommodation) *yesyesyes
Liability for property damage-50 000100 000
Unused holidays **--10 000

Explanatory notes: *) 20% deductible, 10% in the event of hospitalization, **) CZK 1 000 per day.

% of total price for the accommodation4%5%6%


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