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Personal data processing

The insurance company is entitled to process (collect, store, search, use, store, classify or combine, block and eliminate) personal data of the policyholders and insured persons (name, surname, birth number or date of birth, address), and in the event of a health-related incident, also sensitive data relating to the state of health. If such persons (data subjects) refuse to provide such information, the insurance contract can not be concluded and/or the claim can not be settled. The insurance company is authorized to make the personal data available to third parties only in exceptional cases, solely in connection to the investigation of an insured event. The data subject has the right to ask the insurance company for information about personal data processing (the insurance company is entitled to request reasonable compensation for this), its correction and explanation or remedy in case it finds out or believes that the insurance company processes its data in contradiction to the protection of its private and personal life or the law. If the insurance company does not comply with this request, the data subject has the right to contact the Office of Personal Data Protection. The insurance company is authorized to store personal data for the duration of the liabilities arising from or related to the insurance contract.

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