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MultiTrip Annual Travel Insurance

In order to be insured for COVID-19 during non-essential (e.g. leisure) trips even in orange, (dark) red, unmarked and black countries, arrange MultiTrip Premium. Variant Comfort and Corporate covers risk associated with COVID-19 only in destination marked green. When you travel to orange, (dark) red, unmarked and black countries arrange SingleTrip with extension COVID Plus. If you already have our MultiTrip insurance, you will get SingleTrip with 30% discount.

  • always available in the mobile application Moje Evropská
  • top quality and no administration
  • broadest insurance cover on the Czech market
  • simplified and comprehensible insurance terms and conditions
  • saves time and worries before travel abroad

  • unlimited number of trips during the year (up to 45 days for one trip)
  • includes trip cancellation insurance (tour, air-tickets, accommodation)
  • also covers items belonging to your employer (notebooks, mobile phones)
  • 30% discount on trip cancellation insurance
  • bargain price for the family or partners

Did you know...?

The most important aspect of travel insurance are not the coverage limits but quality of assistance in emergency. Being the specialists, we know what is really important for you.


What is the difference between SingleTrip insurance for 360 days and MultiTrip annual insurance?
What makes our services different from the others?
Which sports are covered by standard insurance and which sports require special coverage?
What is (not) covered by the European Health Insurance Card?
Is your credit card travel insurance sufficient?

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Client Stories

I was hospitalized with pulmonary embolism during holidays on Lanzarote. My chest suddenly started to hurt and I struggled to breath. Fortunately, after a prompt advice from the assistance service I got admitted to a proven hospital where I finally stayed for 5 days. Everything worked out well but the local doctors did not recommend me to travel by airplane so I had to stay on the island for another 3 weeks. My wife was by my side all the time and the insurance covered all the bills for hotel and flight ticket. We are so grateful for the services and perfect care that you arranged. Many thanks!

Pavel D.
hospitalized with pulmonary embolism on the Canary Islands
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Insurance DetailsMultiTrip travel insurance protects you on recurrent trips out of the Czech Republic for a period of one year. In addition, until the end of October, with extended validity also for vacation in the Czech Republic. The maximum duration of your trip may be up to 45 days. You can negotiate insurance for one person or a bargain package for partners or the whole family in several variants with different insurance coverage limits and territorial validity.

Insurance coverage

Each variant includes insurance of medical expenses, assistance services, accidental death or permanent disablement, luggage theft or damage, personal liability for bodily injury or property damage, legal protection and trip cancellation.

In order to be insured for COVID-19 during non-essential (e.g. leisure) trips even in orange, (dark) red and unmarked countries, arrange MultiTrip Premium.

Variant Comfort and Corporate covers risk associated with COVID-19 only in destination marked green. When you travel to orange, (dark) red, unmarked and black countries arrange SingleTrip insurance. If you already have our MultiTrip insurance, you will get SingleTrip insurance with 30% discount.


Insurance can be contracted with or without a deductible. If you choose the variant with the deductible, you will have to pay CZK 1,500 for each insured event. In the table of insurance coverage limits, you will also find when and the extent to which you are a party to each indemnified insurance event.
For trip cancellation insurance, the deductible is 20% (only 10% in case of hospitalisation).

The basic variant of MultiTrip travel insurance applies to standard recreation and beach sports and stay or activities in the zone up to 3,500 metres above sea level. If you are preparing for a sports holiday, you can supplement the insurance to cover winter or hazardous sports.

Winter sports
Extend your insurance to cover winter sports on marked and groomed trailsor places (cross country skiing, snowboarding, bob-sleighing, sleighing, etc.). It also includes personal liability (for example, in case of collision with another skier), substitute equipment rental and compensation for unused holidays.

This supplement can be negotiated to the MultiTrip Comfort variant. The Premium variant already includes insurance of winter sports. 

Hazardous sports
Covers you when engaging in sports such as diving, via ferratas with a grading of C-E, rafting, horse-riding, mountaineering above 3,500 metres above sea level, paragliding or cyclo-cross. The full list of hazardous sports is available in the insurance terms and conditions or in the “FAQ” section.

This supplement can be negotiated only for the MultiTrip Premium variant.

Trip cancellation insurance with almost 30% discount

The basic annual MultiTrip insurance already includes trip cancellation insurance with the limit ranging between CZK 10,000 and 30,000 (depending on the product variant). However, your holiday might have cost even more, or you may have reached your limit during the year. For this particular trip, make sure to arrange, in good time, a single trip cancellation insurance, which you will get from us with almost 30% discount (5 % of the price, instead of 7 % as is usually the case).

The maximum price of a tour or travel services that we insure is CZK 300,000 per insurance contract, family or co-travellers. You must conclude the insurance within 3 working days after payment for the first travel service (for “last minute” services on the date of payment for the services).

Special tariffs

Take advantage of a special offer for families and partners. The "Family" tariff is valid for up to 5 family members (1-2 adults up to 18-69 years of age traveling with their own 1-3 children under the age of 18), the "Partner" tariff applies to 2 adults (both married/unmarried couples and registered partners).

Discounts offered

By logging in to the My Evropská client zone, you get an additional 10% discount on any insurance product that we offer on-line.

Insurance Coverage(Limits in CZK)ComfortPremium
Medical Expenses3 000 0006 000 000
Emergency Dental Treatment25 00035 000
Physiotherapy60 000120 000
Hospitalization Benefit *-10 000
Active Assistanceunlimitedunlimited
Transportation, Relocation & Repatriation1 000 0002 000 000
Repatriation of Remains1 000 0001 000 000
Funeral Expenses100 000100 000
Escort60 000120 000
Permanent Disablement200 000400 000
Accidental Death100 000200 000
Personal Effects Damage15 00030 000
Travel Documents5 00010 000
Business Effects-yes
Luggage Delay **-10 000
Liability for Bodily Injury2 000 0006 000 000
Liability for Property Damage1 000 0003 000 000
Legal Expenses100 000200 000
Missed Departure-5 000
Delayed Departure ***-5 000
Trip Cancellation *****10 00020 000
Travel Curtailment-10 000
Travel Interruption-25 000
Unused Holidays *-10 000
Towing Expenses-10 000
Substitute Transport and Accommodation-20 000
Rent-A-Car Accident - Deductible-5 000
Hijack ****-25 000

Explanatory notes: *) CZK 2 000 per day, **) CZK 10 000 per each 12 hours, ***) CZK 1 000 per each 6 hours, ****) CZK 10 000 per each 24 hours, *****) 20% deductible, 10% in the event of hospitalization.

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