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global network of assistance centers
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Assistance services are one of the greatest benefits of our insurance. Active assistance is provided by our own assistance center Euro-Center Prague. English speaking operators are available on the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will help you in any emergency during your stay abroad. You can contact them by phone at +420 221 860 606 or simply through the homepage in the My Evropská mobile app.

We help our clients right in the touristic areas thanks to Euro-Centers, our worlwide network of assistance centers. They keep in touch with local healthcare providers, regularly check the standards of medical care and handle the costs for your treatment whenever possible.

When should you contact the assistance?

You should contact the assistance services regarding any emergency that requires assistance, such as:

  • If you need a physician,
  • if your treatment expenses exceed €150,
  • unless the payment can be made in cash,
  • in the event of hospitalization or medical transport,
  • in the event of an accident,„„
  • prior to an early return to the home country,
  • in the event of a death of your fellow traveller,
  • if your luggage or travel documents are lost or stolen,
  • in connection with your personal liability.

What can our assistance do for you?

  • Provide advice on how to proceed with a claim,
  • ensure you are taken care of by highly qualified specialists, wherever you are in the world,
  • allow you to avoid having to make direct payments in the event of hospitalization or complex outpatient treatments by providing a payment guarantee,
  • monitor your health condition using a Czech assistance physician,
  • ensure one of your relatives is summoned from your home country in the event of your longer hospitalization,
  • organise transport back home or repatriation of remains,
  • establish contract with your family back home,
  • confirm the payment of damages to a third party,
  • help find a legal counsel in the event of damage caused.

What will the assistance need to know from you?

  • Your name and date of birth,
  • what has happened, or what health problems you are experiencing,
  • your insurance contract number,
  • the place and length of your stay abroad,
  • contact phone number.

Global network of Euro-Centers

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