Travel Insurance Digital Card

As a client of ERV Evropská pojišťovna you will receive a travel insurance digital card once you arrange the travel insurance with us

Simply download the card to your phone with iOS (Apple) and Android!

What's on the card?

  • Insurance validity date
  • Full limits overview via link
  • Personal data of insured persons and list of insurances add-ons
  • Assistance contacts - chat, phone, email
  • Link to claim reporting portal
  • Link to travel blog, social networks and reviews

How to read the card?

The travel insurance digital card has 2 sides, the back side is accessible with a tap to 3 dots (...). On the back you can find link full limits or claim reporting porta. The QR code on the front is used to share the card with your family members or colleagues.

How access the back side on iOS?

How to access the back side on Android?