Which rate applies to the country of my destination?
Insurance can be arranged only for trips from the Czech Republic abroad and always applies only to the events that occured in the area it has been arranged for (Europe or World). Please, check your destination country's insurance rate!

List of countries that are covered by Europe or Worldwide rate

What children‘s benefits do you provide?
Children under the age of 18 may either benefit from a discount or be included under a competitive family rate for the annual MultiTrip insurance.

From what age am I considered to be a senior?
From the age of 70. Up to the age of 69 years and 360 days, your insurance will be subject entirely to the default insurance terms and conditions; after you turn 70, your insurance will be modified.

<strong&gt;Will you insure me if I am pregnant?<br /> Yes, up to 2 months before the scheduled delivery date, we will also cover any treatment or operation related to your pregnancy. The insurance also covers early childbirth and care of the new-born baby. However, your pregnancy must not be diagnosed as risky.

Will I get insured if I am undergoing a long-term treatment?
Yes, you will, the insurance is also available to the chronically ill. However, the condition is that your health status has been stabilised for 6 months before the planned departure, i.e. there have been no medical complications, or changes in medication or treatment regimen during that time.

What does “deductible” mean?
Deductible is a specific amount or percentage you contribute to each claim settled. For example, if your deductible is 20 %, on a claim amounting to CZK 10,000, we will pay you CZK 8,000. When taking out your insurance, you may select a variant with or without a deductible.

Do I have to pay anything if I see a doctor?
If you need medical attention, first contact our assistance services, which will recommend a suitable healthcare establishment. Typically, you will not have to pay anything within our network of partner hospitals. At other establishments, do not pay more than €150, which is the amount that will be paid to you upon your return home. Before paying a higher amount, inform our assistance services first.

Will you reimburse me for the fare if I take a taxi to a doctor?
For help in emergency situations, contact our assistance services as soon as possible. If the situation so requires, we will also cover the taxi fare.

Will you also reimburse me for medical air transfer to a hospital?
Yes, in an emergency situation, your air transfer will be reimbursed from your insurance. As the air transfer is provided by our assistance services, you must contact them as soon as possible after the situation occurs.

Does my insurance cover an intervention of the mountain rescue service or rescuers?
Yes, an intervention by the mountain rescue service or rescuers is covered in emergency situations. This does not apply to extraordinary search operations in remote places or in extreme conditions (e.g. in rebel areas, on the open sea, etc.).

Is my luggage insured?
Yes. We will cover damage to your personal effects (luggage) if it occurs as a result of a natural event, a theft provided that the perpetrator had to overcome an obstacle, a robbery, a traffic accident or during air carriage. Individual items will be compensated at a value of up to 50 % of the insurance coverage limit, while items stolen from a car will be compensated at a value equivalent to up to 25 % of the limit.

What sports does my insurance cover?
Your travel insurance always covers regular leisure and beach sports and your stay or movement at an altitude of up to 3,500 m above sea level. For a list of specific sports see the end of these insurance terms and conditions.

Does my insurance also cover skiing?
Winter sports engaged in on marked trails and at dedicated places at an altitude of up to 3,500 m above sea level may be included in the basic and extended insurance coverage. See the table of insurance coverage limits to find out whether the insurance option you have selected covers winter sports.

Am I covered if I hit somebody on a ski slope?
Yes, as long as you have selected the appropriate insurance option that covers winter sports. Liability insurance covers damage you inadvertently cause to another person. Do not forget to contact the assistance services.

What is the purpose of trip cancellation insurance?
Trip cancellation insurance provides coverage in case you need to suddenly cancel a reserved flight ticket, accommodation or a tour. The reasons may include, for example, your serious acute illness or injury that requires hospitalization, death of your closest relative or extensive damage to your residence. Depending on the selected insurance option, there is 0% or 20% deductible of the cancellation fees.

How can I buy trip cancellation insurance?
Trip cancellation insurance comes in two product options - Trip Cancellation (Storno) and Trip Cancellation Plus (Storno Plus). Trip Cancellation Plus covers more reasons for which you can cancel your trip and wider range of the insured persons. If you conclude the trip cancellation insurance as a supplement to our travel insurance, the insurance premium will be 1, resp. 2% cheaper. Insurance must be concluded within 3 working days from the payment for the first travel service. If you purchased the travel services less than 15 days before the departure (i.e. "last minute" tours), the insurance must be concluded on the date of payment for the services.

The basic annual MultiTrip insurance already includes trip cancellation insurance with the limit ranging between CZK 10,000 and 30,000. However, your holiday might have cost even more, or you may have reached your limit during the year. For this particular trip, make sure to arrange, in good time, a single trip cancellation insurance, which you will get from us with almost 30% discount (5 % of the price, instead of 7 % as is usually the case). When you know the price and date of your trip, get your insurance online or contact us; we‘ll be happy to help you.

Does my insurance cover business trips?
Yes, we will take care of you regardless of whether you are travelling abroad for business or entertainment.

Will you cover damage caused by terrorism?
Yes, the medical expenses, assistance service, injury or personal effects insurance also covers acts of terrorism.

Does my insurance apply in dangerous areas?
Go to our website or use our mobile app to make sure the countries you are going to do not currently figure in a list of risk or war zones. Your insurance coverage either does not apply to such trips at all (war zones), or we can deny claim settlement (risk zones).

What happens if I do not make it to the airport on time due to a traffic accident?
If you miss you flight / departure you were supposed to take on your trip abroad or back home either due to a traffic accident you were involved in, or due to cancellation or curtailment of public transport lines, we will cover your travel expenses to a place where you will be able to resume your journey. However, the insurance option you have selected must be MultiTrip Premium.

Does my insurance cover flight delays?
Yes, but you must have MultiTrip Premium taken out. If the transportation vehicle you were supposed to take has a delay of more than 6 hours, we will compensate you up to the agreed limit. This does not apply to irregular (charter) flights or strikes announced in advance.


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