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New SingleTrip Travel Insurance for up to 360 days

Planning a trip abroad for a vacation, study or work? With our SingleTrip travel insurance, you can enjoy your plans even in the time of unexpected events. Chose one of 3 basic variants with up to 7 extensions exactly to meet your travel needs. Add family members or  fellow passengers, you will be covered for medical issues, loss, theft, liability, etc. (see insurance conditions for more details).

StandardSufficient limits for all leisure trips
  • Suitable for private and business single trips around Europe/the world for up to 360 days.
  • You can extend for Trip Cancellation, COVID Plus, Emergency Situations, Winter & Hazardous Sports, Car Journeys, Flights and Pets.

CZK 44 *

/ den
ComfortComfortable limits for those who prefer an active holiday
  • Suitable for private and business single trips around Europe/the world for up to 360 days.
  • You can add Trip Cancellation, COVID Plus, Emergency Situations, Winter & Hazardous Sports, Car Journeys, Flights and Pets.

CZK 56 *

/ den
PremiumFor those who require the best range of limits and services
  • Suitable for private and business single trips around Europe/the world for up to 360 days.
  • This also covers Departure and Travel Disruption.
  • You can add Trip Cancellation, COVID Plus, Emergency Situations, Winter & Hazardous Sports, Car Journeys, Flights and Pets.

CZK 74 *

/ den
* Per adult 18-69 on a 10-day trip Europe tariff

Did you know...?

The most important aspect of travel insurance are not the coverage limits but quality of assistance in emergency. Being the specialists, we know what is really important for you.


Medical expenses insurance covers all urgent hospital treatments, surgeries and/or hospitalization. It also includes dental treatment to the amount of the specific coverage limit. Please see the "Detailed information" section of this page for the coverage limits.

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Our updated ERV COVID-19 policy can be found at the link below.



We have our own English speaking specialized assistance services centre that you can call 24/7. We personally check healthcare providers in tourist resorts so you can be sure to receive the best medical care. Moreover, you often do not have to pay anything in such partner hospitals, you just need to sign the bill. Thanks to the My Evropská mobile app, you don’t need to carry any unnecessary papers, your insurance cards is always at your fingertips in your mobile phone. We proccess the damages very fast. If you provide all necessarry documents, we will settle the claim in unrivaled time of 7 working days. Our insurance conditions are comprehensible, don’t be afraid to read them.

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Some of the credit card travel insurance products apply to the medical expenses, the insurance coverage limits are not high enough and the deductible has to be paid for each insured event (up to CZK 5 000). It usually does not include trip cancellation insurance and/or other travel related risks. If you rely on credit card insurance, make sure to check its coverage.

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Yes, up to 2 months before the scheduled delivery date, we will also cover any treatment or operation related to your pregnancy. The insurance also covers early childbirth and care of the new-born baby. However, your pregnancy must not be diagnosed as risky.

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Client Stories

I was hospitalized with pulmonary embolism during holidays on Lanzarote. My chest suddenly started to hurt and I struggled to breath. Fortunately, after a prompt advice from the assistance service I got admitted to a proven hospital where I finally stayed for 5 days. Everything worked out well but the local doctors did not recommend me to travel by airplane so I had to stay on the island for another 3 weeks. My wife was by my side all the time and the insurance covered all the bills for hotel and flight ticket. We are so grateful for the services and perfect care that you arranged. Many thanks!

Pavel D.
hospitalized with pulmonary embolism on the Canary Islands

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Insurance Details

Simple and quality product from specialists

You can choose from 3 SingleTrip options based on level of insurance limits needed. All the options offer basic COVID-19 coverage in low-risk destinations (green as per Ministry of Foreign Affairs), assistance services, personal effect and liability insurance. Combine this with 8 extensions to get the best personalized offer for just you.

To get COVID-19 full coverage also in high-risk destinations (orange, dark-red, black and non-assigned as per Ministry of Foreign Affairs) add COVID Plus extension.

Cancellation Insurance

For the time being we offer cancellation insurance Storno Plus. This can help when you need to cancel your trip due to your COVID-19 illness. It also applies to situations where you are a subject of a personal preventive COVID-19 quarantine that collides with your trip departure date, or situations where you fail to meet health conditions needed for your trip to start (e.g. aircraft boarding refusal in Czechia).

The maximum price of travel services that can be insured in total per insurance contract is CZK 500,000. The insurance have to be arranged within 3 working days after the payment of the first travel service (for a last minute trip on the day of the service payment).

Extension options

Use Emergency Situations extension to be covered for a case when you have to extend your stay abroad due to unintentional COVID-19 quarantine or failure to meet the medical conditions for the return journey (e.g. aircraft boarding refusal). Deductible is 20 %.

You can still extend your insurance for Winter and Hazardous sports, or Pets. Use our new Vehicle extension that will help when you need a car repair abroad or tow it back to the Czech Republic. It also covers alternative accommodation for the duration of the repair, or expenses related to rent car accident deductibles. Other new extension Flights addresses a number of flight-related issues, such as the decline of an air carrier or flight delays or cancellations benefits..


For children aged up to 18, you can negotiate a 50% discount on insurance. Register to My Evropská client zone to get an additional 10% discount on any insurance product that we offer online.

Do you travel frequently?

If you travel at least 3 times per year you should consider our MultiTrip Travel Insurance! It saves not only money, but also the time you need to arrange a travel insurance for every single trip. With MultiTrip you can travel the World without worries.

Europe / World
Insurance Coverage(Limits in CZK)StandardComfortPremium
Medical Expenses10 000 00020 000 00030 000 000
Emergency Dental Treatment25 00040 00040 000
Physiotherapy60 00090 000120 000
Hospitalisation benefit *-20 00030 000
Psychologic assistance-10 00020 000
Medical expenses COV-19 **yesyesyes
Active assistanceunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Transportation, reloc., repatr.up to the med. exp. limitsup to the med. exp. limitsup to the med. exp. limits
Remains repatriationup to the med. exp. limitsup to the med. exp. limitsup to the med. exp. limits
Funeral expenses150 000150 000150 000
Accompanying, summoned100 000150 000200 000
Permanent disablement400 000600 000800 000
Accidental death200 000300 000400 000
Personal effects damage20 00040 00060 000
Travel documents-10 00020 000
Business effects ***-yesyes
Essential expenses ****-10 00020 000
Bodily injury3 000 0006 000 00012 000 000
Property damage1 500 0003 000 0006 000 000
Legal expenses-200 000400 000
Missed departure *****--5 000
Delayed departure *****--5 000
Travel curtailment--20 000
Travel interruption--50 000
Unused holiday ******--10 000
Substitute employee-25 00050 000

Explanatory notes:*) CZK 2 000 per day, **) COV-19 low-risk destinations only (green color by MZV), ***) up to the personal effect limit, ****) CZK 5 000 for each 12 hrs., *****) CZK 1 000 for each 6 hrs., ******) CZK 1 000 per day.

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