Prague, 3. 10. 2013 - Business travel insurance is a good idea for all companies, both for short and long stays abroad. It is also suitable for institutions and entrepreneurs, who demand professional care and want to decide about the scope of their insurance and minimise paperwork. ERV Evropská pojišťovna offers tailored insurance for everybody, starting from just CZK 40 per day.

The innovated Business Travel Insurance product is highly flexible, because it allows the individual combination of risks and insurance indemnification limits. It covers medical expenses, 24/7 assistance services provided by our own Euro-Center network around the world, insurance of personal belonging and company property or lost baggage. “You don’t even have to worry about financial consequences, if you cause damage to health or property to somebody during your travels. Another novelty is the option of insurance cancellation fees for cancelled business trips if the partner abroad calls off the meeting, or if the airline goes bankrupt,” explains Customer Services Director for ERV Evropská, Hana Axmannová.

“In cooperation with the D.A.S. insurance company, we have also introduced specialised insurance of legal expenses. Another novelty is the insurance of domestic business travel including teambuilding events,” adds the Sales and Marketing Director for ERV Evropská Ondřej Rušikvas. Swift and friendly liquidation of claims is a matter of course, and claims can simply be reported via the internet.

Clients can choose from two basic options. Those who require precise records of the individual trips will prefer the option with reporting, where the client registers the trip via telephone or internet. For zero paperwork all year, simply choose the option without reporting the individual trips. In this case, the premium is calculated based on the travel plan in the questionnaire.

Our private global assistance service, which is prepared to give active help non-stop, is equally important. Clients have access to a VIP portal with the current health and safety situation at the place of travel, including important contacts. This means ERV Evropská takes care of its clients, before, during and after returning from their travels.

ERV Evropská pojišťovna also offers special insurance for high-risk locations. RiskPlus covers all the basic risks that can occur in the given destinations. “RiskPlus insurance is designed for those who work at construction sites are refineries, dealers, humanitarian workers our journalists who travel to countries with an unstable political and security situation,” says Hana Axmannová, adding: “The fact that the humanitarian organisation People in Need uses ERV’s services testifies to our quality.”


Vlastimil Divoký
Marketing and Communication Manager