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Do you have credit card travel insurance? Do you know what it actually includes? Does it apply to you as a cardholder or to your family members as well?

If you rely on the credit card travel insurance, make sure to check its coverage and be aware of the following facts:

  • The main purpose of the credit card is to pay, not to be insured (insurance is just an additional feature).
  • Some of the credit cards doesn't include this insurance automatically. You have to request its activation and pay the premium.
  • Sometimes, payment of the travel related services (hotel, flight ticket) by credit card is required for„activation“ of the insurance.
  • Some of the credit cards include only accident insurance (be careful - this does not mean insurance of the medical expenses but compensation for permanent disablement or accidental death).
  • The insurance coverage limits (maximum amount of money that you can get from an insurance company in case of an insured event) are usually low, the medical expenses insurance is sometimes not sufficient to cover costs related to medical treatment. On the other hand, the deductibles of medical expenses are quite high (up to CZK 5 000).
  • If the travel insurance includes luggage insurance, it often does not cover expensive items such as cameras and luggage thefts from a car at night, the insurance coverage limits are relatively low etc.
  • Credit card travel insurance often does not cover medical expenses and accidents related to hazardous sports.
  • This insurance usually does not cover delays of departure or luggage, interruption or cancellation of the trip, compensation for unused holidays etc.