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The first specialized travel insurance company was established in 1907 in Budapest after a merchant called Max von Engel saw how a spark from the chimney of a steam locomotive on the Luzern train station set fire to bags that were prepared for carriage. It occurred to him to address cases like that with insurance.

13 years later, in 1920, a sister European Joint-stock Company for Insuring Cargo and Travel Baggage (Evropská akciová společnost pro pojišťování nákladů a cestovních zavazadel) was founded in Prague. As most of the insurance companies in Czechoslovakia, it was nationalised in 1947 on the basis of a decree by the country's President, and its obligations were taken over by the newly created First Czechoslovak Insurance Company (První československá pojišťovna - národní podnik). 

In 1992, Europaeiske Rejseforsikring, a leading Danish speacialized insurance company, built on the interrupted tradition of the company's operations in Czechoslovakia that commenced in 1920 and established European Travel Insurance Company (Evropská Cestovní Pojišťovna). One year later, it became the first insurance company from the former East Block to be accepted by the prestigious European Travel Insurance Group (ETIG). In 1995, Europäische Reiseversicherung insurance companies from Germany and Austria became shareholders in Evropská. Through them, a majority in the company is held by the world's largest reinsurer, Munich Re.

In 2002, we founded our own assistance centre in Prague called EUROALARM that keeps providing services as Euro-Center Prague not only to Czech but Slovak, Polish and other European clients until now.

In 2006, we established a subsidiary ETICS ITP that acts as an insurance broker and independent assessor of insured events.

In order to emphasize our membership in the international ERV (Europäische Reiseversicherung) Group, we changed our name to ERV Evropská pojišťovna in 2014.

Financial results

For several years, we have belonged among the TOP 3 insurance companies in the Czech Republic offering travel insurance and our position is getting stronger every year. Being the only specialist on the market, we try to help the public understand the need and advantages of having travel insurance.

You can find the current financial results on the mandatory information page in the annual report section.