Watches & jewellery insurance

Insurance that can't be found anywhere else
theft, robbery, careless treatment
valid in the Czech Republic and also abroad
voucher for a new product
unrivaled speed of claim settlement

Wear your jewellery or watches carefree

Are you afraid to wear expensive jewellery or watches? You don't have to worry that someone would steal or destroy them anymore. There is no substitute for their emotional value but you will be able to buy a new one thanks to our insurance.

What does the insurance cover?

  • burglary, theft and robbery
  • vandalism
  • careless treatment

  • mechanical damage
  • natural disasters

You have a jewellery insurance but what if anything happens to you?

Don't forget to arrange a travel insurance if you go abroad. Anything can happen on your holidays. If you travel more frequently, annual travel insurance will pay off.


How to arrange the insurance?
Why you should not rely on household insurance?
What are the exclusions?
Do you insure older jewellery and watches?
What to do when you had an insured event?

Insurance DetailsArrange the individual insurance of your jewellery or watches that applies to thefts as well as to careless treatment or any other mechanical damage. We will cover the expenses for new ones in case of an insured event in the Czech Republic or abroad. We settle the claims within 7 working days, you just have to fill in the on-line form. Disregard the age of your jewellery or watches, we will give you a voucher for new one.

The insurance can be concluded exclusively at our partner shops.

What does the insurance cover

  • damages, destructions or thefts resulting from burglaries, robberies or vandalism that were confirmed by police
  • damages or destructions caused by careless treatment – dropping, shock etc. (mechanical damage)
  • damages caused by natural disaster, smoke, overvoltage, undervoltage or malfunction of the sprinkler system


The insurance benefit is always deducted by 10 % of the price of the jewellery/watches (at least CZK 300). If they were damaged or destroyed by careless treatment, the deductible is 20 %.

Insurance Coverage Limits
Maximum sum insured for one itemCZK 150 000
Maximum sum insured for a setCZK 200 000
Deductible on all insured events excluding damage or destruction by careless treatment10% (min. CZK 300)
Deductible in the event of damage or destruction by careless treatment20% (min. CZK 300)
Area of coverworldwide


Price of the watches/jewellery in CZKPremium for 1 yearPremium for 2 years
up to 2 500CZK 230CZK 390
up to 5 000CZK 290CZK 440
up to 7 500CZK 390CZK 590
up to 10 000CZK 540CZK 790
up to 15 000CZK 790CZK 1 290
up to 20 000CZK 1 190CZK 1 790
up to 25 000CZK 1 490CZK 2 290
up to 35 000CZK 1 990CZK 2 990
up to 50 000CZK 2 390CZK 3 890
up to 75 000CZK 3 490CZK 5 590
up to 100 000CZK 4 990CZK 7 890


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