ERV Evropská has for the twelfth time ranked first in the Insurance Company of the Year survey
The insurance company founder was awarded the title of Insurance Market Personality

Prague, 15 May 2019 – ERV Evropská pojišťovna has again increased its record number of first place rankings in the history of the survey. It has already won twelve times in the Specialised Insurance category, and its former CEO Vladimír Krajíček added another first place award with the title of Insurance Market Personality. This year’s 19th survey of the Insurance Company of the Year is organised by the Association of Czech Insurance Brokers in cooperation with the Czech Association of Insurance Companies and a specialised oPojištění.cz server.

On Tuesday, 14 May, the results of the Insurance Company of the Year were festively announced. By winning the "Specialised Insurance" category, ERV Evropská has again confirmed its position as a leader in the travel insurance market. “Our long-term goal is to constantly improve our services. And we seem to be doing well. Last year, 1.1 million clients travelled with us, and our prescribed premiums grew by 20% to a record CZK 673 million. Therefore, we can be rightly proud of our work and we are very pleased that we have also achieved another victory in this year’s Insurance Company of the Year survey,” says Štěpán Landík, Member of the Management Board of ERV Evropská pojišťovna. D.A.S. Rechtsschutz AG ranked second and Inter Partner Assistance, S.A., a member of the AXA Group, ranked third.

Last year, the entire insurance market grew by 4.8% to CZK 129 billion and was driven mainly by non-life insurance. “According to our Company''s estimate, the travel insurance market grew by 10-12%. And even 19% more people travelled with our insurance year-on-year,” says Štěpán Landík. In the previous year, ERV Evropská has strengthened its leading position in the travel insurance market even more, holding an approximate one quarter share. It has also strengthened its dominant position in the field of tourism (sale of tours through travel agencies), where it holds about 70% of the market. Over its twenty-six years of existence, ERV Evropská has built such a strong position that it currently cooperates with 8 of the 10 largest travel agencies. Since its establishment, it has already insured more than 11 million clients.

ERV Evropská believes that the key to successful operation is a strong emphasis on service quality and innovation, by which it responds to the dynamic development of tourism. The insurance company is governed by the creed “You travel. We care.”. That is also why it operates its own non-stop assistance service and a worldwide network of 13 Euro-Centres, which are necessary to ensure the correct solution of any encountered problems when abroad. The insurance company representatives also regularly and personally check medical facilities in popular destinations so that it can always provide its clients with the highest quality travel insurance on the market.

Vladimir Krajíček – Insurance Market Personality

Another significant award in this year’s survey was won by former CEO of ERV Evropská Vladimir Krajíček, who stood at the cradle of ERV Evropská and led it for the full 26 years. He received the Insurance Market Personality title for significant contribution and activity in favour of the insurance industry. “From the beginning we wanted to materialise the vision of a specialised insurer with the highest level of services and best customer care throughout in the world. Such an orientation had and has a profound meaning and unique overlap, which we enjoyed moving forward. We are pleased it has been a success and that a solid ground for future development has been laid,” says Vladimír Krajíček.

The Insurance Company of the Year aims to cultivate and strengthen the image of the Czech insurance industry. It has gained a high degree of prestige due to its professionalism, which stems from a detailed knowledge of products and services provided by individual insurers. The objective voting is carried out by professionals from all over the Czech Republic, where over 700 insurance brokers registered with the Czech National Bank evaluate the quality and scope of services of the participating insurance companies. The top ranking in this survey is therefore a genuine mark of quality.

Vlastimil Divoký,
Marketing and Communication Manager of ERV Evropská pojišťovna