ERV Group

ERV Group

ERV Group

ERV (Europäische ReiseVersicherung) is one of the largest travel insurance providers in Europe with presence in more than 20 European countries. It includes Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Slovakia and Ukraine. It was formed by acquisitions that helped it to become one of the most important travel insurance groups in the world.

ERV Evropská pojišťovna is owned by Danish travel insurance company Europaeiske Rejseforsikring (75 %), the Munich Europäische Reiseversicherung (15 %) and Austrian travel insurance company of the same name (10 %).

ERV is one of the ERGO Insurance Group brands and through its shareholders belongs to the Munich Re Group - global reinsurance leader.

ITIA Group


ERV Evropská pojišťovna is a member of International Travel Insurance Alliance (ITIA). ITIA is an association of companies which offer travel insurance products and other services in travel industry for example companies providing assistance services.

Euro-Center Holding SE


Euro-Center Holding is one of the world's leading claims handling and cost containment companies. It acts as the extended arm of travel insurers, healthcare insurers and alarm centres to provide local assistance services to tourists, business travelers and expatriates through its worldwide network of offices. It annualy processes approx. 210 000 cases and its clients are some of Europe's leading travel insurance companies including ERV Group.