Prague, 11. 9. 2013 - One must be cautious even on foreign business trips. It certainly isn’t worth travelling without travel insurance. ERV Evropská pojišťovna offers special Business Travel Insurance for these trips.

In the case of short-term business trips, we most often handle delayed baggage and the ensuing purchase of substitute articles. Delayed flights and missed connections are also quite common. Clients also contact us with cases where the foreign partner cancelled the planned meeting and they need to cancel the entire trip,” says Sales and Marketing Director for ERV Evropská pojišťovna, Ondřej Rušikvas. As for long-term trips, the insurance company mainly solves regular health issues such as colds, toothaches and minor work injuries.
Benefits of business travel insurance
Business travel insurance with ERV Evropská pojišťovna really thinks about everything. If the client is ill, a substitute employee is sent at the insurer’s expense. Insurance also covers items that belonged to the employer and up to CZK 5,000 in cash in the case of theft. “As concerns business travel, I definitely recommend special insurance, because clients tend to bring more expensive clothing and equipment, which means that damages resulting from theft or loss are higher than on a regular holiday,” warns Ondřej Rušikvas.

Testimonials from ERV pojišťovna’s corporate clients

Premature childbirth in Italy – Total costs: CZK 1,400,000 
A 35-year-old client in her 7th month of pregnancy gave premature birth during a business trip in Italy. The new-born was put in the ICU, where it remained for 3 weeks. We sent a special ambulance with an incubator and medical staff from the Czech Republic to bring the mother and her child home.

Technician’s fall on a construction site in India – Total costs: CZK 415,000
The technician fell during construction of a factory and broke both his arms, one with a complicated fracture. After three days of hospitalisation following surgery at a private clinic, he was capable of transport. However, he was unable to care for himself, so we brought in a nurse from the Czech Republic to accompany the patent on his return. ERV also helped organise the travel of a substitute employee so the work could be completed. The injury left permanent consequences, for which we provided indemnification after treatment.

Robbing of a manager when returning to the hotel – Total costs: CZK 132,000
The manager was assaulted and robbed when returning from a business dinner in Spain. Everything including his documents was stolen and he was slightly injured. After outpatient treatment, we ensured spare cash so he could purchase what he needed for the rest of his stay. We ordered a substitute flight and helped him arrange new identification documents.

Pancreatic infection during a meeting Greece – Total costs: CZK 896,000
A 59-year-old company manager was afflicted with a severe pancreatic infection in Greece. After surgery, he was hospitalised in the ICU. His condition precluded repatriation, so ERV arranged for his wife to travel to him and paid her expenses for a full 10 days of treatment. At the hospital, we arranged the service of a nurse, which is not common practice in Greece. The patient returned under the supervision of a physician who was called in and took care of him on the flight. The client was transported to the hospital at his place of residence from the airport.

Vlastimil Divoký
Marketing and Communication Manager for ERV pojišťovna