TO bankruptcy

What to do in case of tour operator bankruptcy

What to do in case of tour operator bankruptcy?

1) Check with the tour operator, on the website of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic or on our website, whether the tour operator has arranged insurance case of bankruptcy with us.

2) If you are abroad, immediately contact our Euro-Center assistance service at +420 221 860 606. Communication will simplify when there is only one person representing the group of people. Assistance will map the situation and find out how many clients are in that destination, in what condition and what services tour operator paid and which not. It will solves the whole situation.

3) Report a claim for a holiday that has not been taken or partially taken directly with us, without delay, and no later than three months after the TO bankruptcy.

4) To facilitate the settlement of a claim, we have prepared a simple claim report online.

5) To the completed report please attach:

 - travel contract with TO,

 - proof of deposit payment / full price of the trip,

 - proof of payment of any additional costs associated with the insured event for which you are claiming compensation (expenses for necessary replacement accommodation and meals abroad, return travel expenses to the Czech Republic).

6) We can pay your claim when we receive a list of all clients to whom TO was not able to deliver the purchased service and all clients report their claims so that we can determine the complete damage.

7) For settlement of the claims it is necessary that TO is declared insolvent by the court.

What does TO bankruptcy insurance cover

This insurance protects clients of tour operators in the situation when TO are not able to meet their obligations due to insolvency. Pursuant to Act No. 159/1999 Coll., On Certain Conditions of Business Activities in the Field of Tourism, Insurance is compulsory for all tour operators.

The insurance applies to the situations when the insolvent tour operator does not:

 - arrange transport of its clients from the foreign country back to the Czech Republic if it was included in the tour,

 - refund its clients with the deposit or full price of the tour that eventually has not been carried out,

 - refund its client with the difference between the full price of the tour and price of partially realized tour in case that it was carried out only partially.