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Travel insurance card and information for safe travels in your mobile phone

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Moje Evropská mobile app

Travel insurance in your mobile phone

Keep your travel insurance information at your fingertips! Download Moje Evropská mobile app for free and you will not have to take any printed cards or policies with you. Moreover, you can immediately call the assistance, find the information about your insurance and practical advice for your trips, and save the photocopies of your travel or identification documents.

What you can find in the app?

The home screen features an overview about your current insurance policies and important contacts. It allows you to quickly call the assistance service/the insurer or let us call you back.    

Your electronic travel insurance card, the details about your insurance policy and the insurance conditions can be found in My insurance (Moje pojistky).


Moje Evropská mobile app

Document safe (Trezor dokumentů) serves as a secure storage for your documents. Copies of your travel documents in your mobile phone can be useful in case of their loss, theft or if you simply forget to take them with you.   

We also prepared a set of practical advice you will find helpful before you go, when you are travelling and after you return to your home country. The Travel advice (Rady na cestu) section also includes updated list of risk and war areas and FAQ.   

We will send you only the most important information about your insurance to Messages (Zprávy).

How to install the app?

  1. Open GooglePlay or AppStore and search for „Moje Evropska“ or scan the QR codes.
  2. Download and install the app.
  3. Enter your MultiTrip annual insurance, SingleTrip insurance or corporate insurance policy number. The other types of insurance cannot be registered in the app.
  4. Enter date of birth of the insureds that you want to see in the app. If you have the corporate insurance, you need to enter your company VAT number.
  5. Confirm that you completed entering the data.
  6. Press the "Register" ("Zaregistrovat“) button. Your policy is now stored in your mobile phone.
  7. Enter your phone number and allow push messages.

Please refer to the client centre of ERV Evropská pojišťovna on 221 860 860 with any questions about the installation or usage of the app.

ERV travel&care mobile app
Information for safe travels

Keep being informed about current security situation in the country you are travelling to! Our ERV travel&care provides information about safety and healthcare in any country in the world. Moreover, you will get an instant notification in case of extraordinary events in the destination. It will navigate you to proven hospitals and pharmacies and provide you with important phone numbers.

What you can find in the app?

The home screen features security information and notifications. Security alerts are sent via push messages or SMS in English. Using the + icon, you can add 2 other countries that you plan to visit.

Country Information section contains information about current situation in any country. The colour indicates the risk level.


ERV travel&care mobile app

ERV Evropská pojišťovna tile leads to our website where you can arrange your travel insurance.

Registration tile allows you to enter your policy number. If you do not enter a valid insurance policy number within 30 days after the instalation of the app, some of the features will not be available.

In case of emergency, contact our assistance service and/or local emergency services. See Direct Help section for important phone numbers.

The map shows the nearest hospitals, pharmacies or police stations to your current location.

I am safe tile allows you to inform your emergency contacts that you are safe.

On the road, you can take advantage of an integrated TripAdvisor travel guide and maps of the nearest petrol stations, ATMs and embassies.

The icon in the top right corner opens settings for tracking and alerts, allows you to change phone number, insurance policy number, country of residence or language and provides more information about ERV travel & care app

How to install the app?

  1. Open GooglePlay or AppStore and search for „ERV travel & care“ or scan the QR codes.
  2. After installation, select your country of residence and language.
  3. Allow location services by selecting "Always" in order to enable all features of the app.
  4. Enter your phone number so you can get important alerts even if you do not have Internet access. Click on "Request validation code" and enter a code that you received via SMS.
  5. Click on the "Register your policy" tile on the home screen and enter your annual travel insurance or corporate travel insurance policy number.

Please refer to the client centre of ERV Evropská pojišťovna on 221 860 860 with any questions about the installation or usage of the app.