How to Make a Claim

What to do when you had an insured event, what are the steps of the claim settlement and where you can track its progress
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What to do when you had an insured event?

1. Call assistance

Contact assistance in any emergency situation, i.e. when you need medical treatment in hospital, after an accident, before an early return to your home country or when you are liable for any damage that can be covered by your insurance. Our assistance service needs to approve your steps in advance, otherwise we may not recognize your claims later.

Call +420 221 860 606 or contact us via Moje Evropská mobile app.

When you should call assistance?

What can the assistance help you with?

What are the assistance coordinators going to ask you?

2. Save all the documents related to the insured event

Keep the original documents for at least 6 months after the insured event. They may be required for investigation of more complicated insured events or internal inspections.

3. Make a claim

After your return home, make a claim on-line. This way, you can enjoy faster settlement of your claim. Fill in all fields of the on-line form, attach scanned documents and describe the circumstances of the insured event carefully. You can also download, print out and send the damage reports by post.

You will need your insurance policy, scans of the documents related to the damage (medical report, receipts, bills for the medical treatment or drugs purchases etc.) and you bank account number. The documents do not need to be translated.

Don't hesitate to contact us in case of any questions. Send us an e-mail at or call us at 221 860 860.

What are the steps of the claim settlement?

1. Claim notification confirmation and assignment of its ID number

You will receive a confirmation e-mail that you reported the claim. In case that we will need some additional information or documents related to the insured event, we will contact you.

How can I provide additional information or documents?
You can send it by e-mail to or upload them via Moje Evropská client zone.

2. Investigation of the claim

If we have all the necessary documents, we will settle your claim within 7 working days.

3. Payment of the insurance benefit

We will transfer the insurance benefit within 15 days from the claim settlement to the bank account that you provided in the damage report. The amount is converted to the domestic currency by the exchange rate announced by the CNB at the date of the insured event.

Where can I track the progress of the claim settlement?

Log in to Moje Evropská client zone to find out the status of your claim.