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Sbaleno The Max travel insurance

The best insurance coverage for active holidays. Ultimate sporting experience and no worries thanks to our travel insurance. We cover your back.
  • for those who require the best insurance cover
  • for active and sports holidays
  • for amateur enthusiasts of hazardous sports
  • from CZK 109 a day

Did you know...?

The most important aspect of travel insurance are not the coverage limits but quality of assistance in emergency. Being the specialists, we know what is really important for you.


Which sports are hazardous?
Does the insurance apply to organised sports and competitions?
What makes our services different from the others?
Is your credit card travel insurance sufficient?
What is (not) covered by the European Health Insurance Card?

Client Stories

I had a severe accident when skiing in Alps. I suffered a concussion, broke my collarbone and tore my kidney after a downfall on the ski slope. I was transported by the helicopter to the nearest hospital where they performed all necessary examinations. The kidney had to be operated immediately so the assistance service arranged a flight transfer to a private clinic where I rested for 10 days. My wife returned to Czech Republic to spend the Christmas with our kids and then came back to Austria to support me. The insurance covered all the costs for transport. I was in touch with the assistance coordinators throughout the hospitalization, they did a really good job. Thanks to them, I had the best possible care. You can't see the difference until something happens to you. Thank you!

Filip S.
multiple injuries caused by an accident on the ski slope in Austria
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Insurance DetailsSome sports, such as diving, carry a higher degree of risk, even though they may seem quite common to you. Standard insurance is not sufficient for such sports, stays or activities at an altitude of up to 5 000 m above the sea level and one-off participation in sports competitions. With our insurance, you can enjoy via ferratas with higher level of difficulty, cyclo-cross, rafting or skiaplinism to the maximum.

Simplicity and quality from specialists

Sbaleno The Max is a special travel insurance for active holidays. This product option has unrivaled coverage limits and includes standard level of services which ensure that you will get the best possible medical care whatever happens. You can arrange it for trips up to 360 days long.

Hazardous sports

The list of sports that are considered hazardous can be found here.

Insurance coverage

The insurance includes medical expenses (incl. COVID-19 illness), assistance services, compensation for accidental death or permanent disablement, luggage and sports equipment theft or damage. It covers expenses for substitute sports equipment rental, extended stay due to an avalanche or compensation for interrupted holidays due to health issues. Of course, it also includes personal liability for bodily injury or property damage.


Insurance can be contracted with or without a deductible. If you choose the variant with the deductible, you will have to pay CZK 1,500 for each insured event.

Extension options

Extend your travel insurance package with our ERV Extra supplement covering many other risks (e.g. missed or delayed departure, baggage delay or even a substitute transportation and accommodation if you are not able to come back home due to COVID-19).

Supplement your travel insurance with trip cancellation insurance in case you have to cancel your flight ticket, accommodation or tour. The price of the insurance will be 30% cheaper than if you buy it separately.

If you choose Trip Cancellation insurance (Storno) variant, you will pay just 2,5% of the price of a tour, flight ticket, accommodation etc. Trip Cancellation Plus insurance (Storno Plus) that applies to other persons that were not supposed to travel with you costs 5% of the total price of the services.

Cancellation insurance covers situations when you have to cancel your trip due to COVID-19 illness or when you are denied to board the plane due to not passing the COVID-19 check on your departure from Czechia (Storno Plus).

The maximum price of a tour or travel services that we insure is CZK 300,000 per insurance contract, family or co-travellers. You must conclude the insurance within 3 working days after payment for the first travel service (for “last minute” services on the date of payment for the services).

Discounts offered

For children aged up to 18, you can negotiate a 50% discount on insurance. By logging in to the My Evropská client zone, you get an additional 10% discount on any insurance product that we offer online.

Do you travel more frequently?

If you travel at least 3 times per year, it pays to negotiate MultiTrip Travel Insurance for the entire year. Apart from the fact that you will save money, you don't need to negotiate insurance before every trip. With us, you can travel worry-free.

Insurance Coverage(Limits in CZK)EuropeWorld
Medical Expenses incl. COVID-196 000 0008 000 000
Emergency Dental Treatment25 00030 000
Hospitalization Benefit *10 00020 000
Active Assistanceunlimitedunlimited
Transportation, Relocation & Repatriation3 000 0004 000 000
Repatriation of Remains1 000 0001 000 000
Escort150 000200 000
Permanent Disablement600 000600 000
Accidental Death300 000300 000
Luggage Delay40 00050 000
Liability for Bodily Injury3 000 0006 000 000
Liability for Property Damage1 500 0003 000 000
Winter Sportsyesyes
Hazardous Sportsyesyes
Trip Cancellation **possiblepossible
Additional Insuranceincludedincluded

Explanatory notes: *) CZK 2 000 per day, **) 20% deductible.

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